Archery and Flight Archery

Archery and Flight Archery:

Flight Archery, Is the art of the Archer shooting for distance and speed. There are several different disciplines within the sport of archery. All are developed from either hunting or warfare. Most involve shooting at a target. Flight archery is the one that doesn't. I like to think of Flight archery as the "101" of archery.

Flight shooting is one of the oldest archery sports. It's not hard to envision two cavemen with bows betting on who can shoot and arrow the furthest. Hand bows to a couple of 5 year olds and leave them unsupervised for 2 minutes and they’ll be seeing how far they can shoot. That is the essence of flight shooting, to see how far they will go. The NAA and FITA recognize and sanction flight shooting. Many classes are provided so that virtually any type bow will fit into a class. It’s further broken down into peak draw weights within classes, plus men’s, ladies, and youth, intermediate, juniors, and cadet classes.

There are of course two types of arrows that are used in this type of Archery.

The Regular Flight Arrow

The Broadhead Flight Arrow

These arrows are of the type suitable for hunting and should cut the grade for the purpose of Flight Archery shooting. These also can be combined with many types of bows, Of course this will be Dependant on the Archers preference. Whether these maybe, standard recurve and compound bows, crossbows, flight bows that have an extended handle and a large overdraw, "primitive" bows and the "foot bow". These are all up to the separate needs of the Archer him or her self.

Records are kept for each combination of bow, arrow and shooter class sanctioned by the National Archery Association's (NAA) Flight Committee. In a flight tournament, each archer shoots four “ends” (number of arrows shot before the score is taken or a portion of any specific round) of six arrows. Each end may be in a different class. A different bow can be used for each class or the archer may shoot the same bow for all four classes. There is a world's record for the “foot bow” over one mile in distance.

By: Arthur Archer

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