Archery Equipment From the Modern Times

As a sport, archery has a large following though in ancient times, it had evolved more as a means of warfare. With warfare equipments moving to more sophisticated platforms, archery does not belong there any more.

Archery as a sport

In the sporting arena, archery has its pride of place and is included in the Olympics too. Therefore, it is no wonder that the sport has a large following from professionals as well as amateurs. Archery equipment has not lagged behind and has modernized itself in tune with the times.

Let us examine some of the modern evolutions of archery equipment.


The compound as well as recurve bows use handles built typically from plastic or wood. To generate variety in shots the handles employed too vary along with the position in which the bow is held. The individual users taste and style along with the type and make of the bow will determine the selection of grips and handles.


The riser is another contribution from modern archery equipment. The center space of the bow which holds together most, if not all the equipment attached with the bow which includes the limbs, the sight, the button, etc. is called the riser. Risers influence the way the bow is held and the effects from the riser are more prominent when compared to the riser. Modern archery equipment also provides for risers having aerodynamic qualities such as holes to allow passage of wind to prevent disturbance to the archer's aim.


In the modern archery equipment, the bow's longest pieces are the limbs and the bow's power comes from bending with the draw. The limbs are attached with the riser. Specialized limbs go with specialized risers and specialized risers go with specialized limbs. Limbs are generally made up of several layers of distinct materials to give them smooth flexion and resistance from deformities. Due to the durability and lightness in weight, carbon has come to be used in the making of limbs in modern archery equipment.

Bow strings

Bow strings forming part of modern archery equipment are made up of numerous strands of Kevlar or Dacron to make up a unified string. Dacron though costlier than Kevlar has the tendency to stretch itself over a period of time and lend your shooting inaccurate or inconsistent. This phenomenon is known as "creeping".

The Rest

"The rest" is where the arrow is seated on the bow just before it is shot. However, the long bows have no rest adjacent to the hand and this can make shooting rather tricky with this type of bow. Most other bows employ plastic or metal rests and in modern archery equipment, some of the complex bows even have magnetic rests. Compound bows have the capability to be equipped with vibration sensitive rests. This type of rests will collapse no sooner the arrow is released.

The button

The plunger or the button is a device employed to prevent the rear end of the arrow overtaking the front end, when the arrow is released.

By: Jen Walterscheit

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