Archery – on the Pull

Archery – On the Pull:

Getting to a full draw back position in archery can be a great struggle for many the archer. This especially said with emotion when it comes to using a Traditional Bow. In this light, It's much easier to see why the Compound Bow has received it's great place in the history of archery. Since 1969 upon the Compound Bows invention, it has been delighting archers with innovation since its inception. Major reasons being its easier to handle features, also in its weight distribution features. More than naught, the archer using the Compound Bow only has to pull up to 50% of the bows rated weight. This in turn making it easier for the archer to reach full draw weight, with non-L imitating ease opposed to a Traditional Bow. Getting a bow back to full draw is generally easier indeed, in comparison to the Traditional Bow. The greatest of features of the Compound is, the archers muscles must only overcome the rated draw rate of the bow momentarily.

You have to know theres more ease when you only have to pull 50% of your bows rated weight. So for a 60 pound rated bow by weight, You only need pull around 30% or 30 pounds in the case of a 60 pound weight rated bow. Of course this is all dependent on the bow that you best can handle. Before buying a bow you should seek out an expert archer who may help you in this area. Bows should never be purchased sight unseen, This is an area you really need to be there in person for. You need to feel the bow and maybe even try a few shoots with a couple of different bows to help make your decision. One thing to note also, the momentum effort is modified further on the archers side as the arrow is released toward the intended target. Peak weight is again encountered, but for a fraction of the time and length of your full pull draw. This is not only easier for the archer to transfer energy from the muscles to the bow limbs, but also compared to a same-weight-draw longbow pull, but it is also easier to draw and pull a heavier draw to weight ratio with the Compound Bow.

Now with our muscle energy at peak stored in our bows limbs, our next step is to simply release our string and arrow, were letting our stored energy transmit to our arrow and then fling it through the air to our intended target. Thus our muscle energy is now at or in the line of our intended target!

It also didn't take us as much effort to get in our target area, This is where we are after all shooting for.

No matter which type of bow is used, It's a fun and enjoyable hobby.

If its only to read and study about the history of Archery.

It still holds a lot of information and learning potential for your mind to develop on something new.

Get the Cat Scratch Fever, See the potential and learn about Archery today.

By: Shawn Burgy

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