Basic Bowhunting Equipment For Gardening

If you're serious about bowhunting, it is important to invest in some basic bowhunting equipment. You only need two equipments to actually start bowhunting: a bow and an arrow.


The bow is the curved piece of wood or metal, whose ends are joined together by a string. It is used to project the arrow towards the target. There are different kinds of bows available in the market for various forms of archery. These include the self bow, the composite bow, and the flatbow to name a few. For bowhunting, the most commonly used are compound bows, which are bows that have been designed to minimize the force necessary to keep the bowstring taut. When a compound bow is drawn at its maximum capacity, it can help hold up to two times its draw weight. This kind of bow uses elliptical wheels or cams in order to accomplish this. Aside from compound bows, there are other bows that can be used in bowhunting. These include recurve bows, which are bows whose tips bend away from the user when unstrung, and longbows, which are classic bows that have narrow D-shaped limbs.

In certain locations, crossbows, which are mechanically drawn bows, may be used. A crossbow is a very powerful piece of equipment. The main advantage of the crossbow is that it is not limited by the strength of the user; however, it is also a heavier piece of equipment and cannot be fired as fast as other kinds of bows. This kind of bow is best used by more advanced bowhunters.


The arrow is the pointed tool that is shot using the bow. It is composed of the arrowhead in front, the shaft, and fletchings and nock at the end. Different materials, such as aluminum, carbon and even fiberglass, are used to make the arrow shafts. These materials can help determine the weight of the arrow, which is important when deciding what kind of arrow to use. If you need arrows that are fast, then you should get a lightweight arrow, such as one made of carbon. If you need arrows that can penetrate deep, then you should get heavier arrows, such as one made of aluminum.

Arrows also have different arrowheads, depending on the arrow's use. Broadhead arrows are the most commonly used for hunting. These arrows contain sharp edges that are able to cause a great amount of bleeding. Blunt arrows may also be used in bowhunting, but only to stun small game. Meanwhile, field tip arrows are best used when practicing, as these arrows tend to not get stuck in the targets.

There are also different kinds of fletchings used in arrows. You can use feather fletchings or the newer plastic vanes. You can also use straight or helical fletchings, with the helical type being the more recommended variety.

Before buying, do your research. Ask an expert to help you decide on the equipment that will fit you, and try shooting with these equipments. Once you've found the right equipment for you, you can build your own bowhunting set in no time!

By: Benjamin Bradley

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