Bear Archery 2009 Lineup

Here is the 2009 lineup of Bear Archery Compound Bows

Truth 2 - "No single characteristic defines this bow's performance. The TRUTH 2 is a total system advancement," say the engineers at Bear. "You won't know how good this bow feels for yourself until you get your hands on one," says Will Primos of Primos Hunting Calls. We set out to change a few things. After months of focus and collaboration, we changed everything. The result: The TRUTH 2 raises the bar again for performance that is well above price.

Done Deal - It's a DONE DEAL for speed, power and feel. Outside of The TRUTH 2, this bow benefits the most from the collaboration of the Bear and Primos engineering and hunting teams. It's feature-packed and is sure to become known as one of the world's most intriguing archery weapons. Shoot one to truly understand how smooth it is. Developed in the finest tradition of Bear Archery — performance that far exceeds price. It's about the hunt...your hunt.

Game Over - It's GAME OVER when you are looking for one of the most forgiving bows. And the game is over when you compare this bow — feature for feature — to any comparably priced bow on the market. This bow features many enhancements developed for The TRUTH 2 and DONE DEAL. The GAME OVER takes "performance above price" to a new level.

Lights Out - LIGHTS OUT is the most maneuverable bow in the Bear line — with the shortest axle-to-axle measurement and lightest weight. Yet, an 8.75in. brace height allows this bow to retains a high degree of forgiveness. It's every bit a Bear bow. Try one; you will be surprised at the level of performance in this modestly priced piece of shooting equipment.

Show Down - Built on the success of Bear's "Element" bow design, SHOWDOWN brings performance and feel that rival bows costing much more. A field-proven cam system allows speeds of 290 fps IBO. The parallel limbs with pivoting limb cups create a smooth-shooting, high-performing value that would make Fred Bear proud.

Young Gun - The YOUNG GUN is the closest you can get to "Dad's bow." Developed in collaboration with Team Primos®, it has all the bones of the TRUTH 2 to give your "young gun" every advantage to learn the traditions of hunting and the most subtle tactics of shooting. Like The TRUTH 2, it's a smooth performer – with cast machined aluminum riser, compression-molded limbs, pivoting aluminum cast limb cups, dual-arc string suppressors, even axel-mounted vibration dampeners. But, most important, this bow's cam (unique to Bear) offers 14 draw length positions to grow with your young archer.

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