Bear Archery – a Success Story

When Mr. Smith Jr. joined Bear Archery as a President of the company, it had two separate sales staffs, which led to dispute between the two groups, and confusion for customers. As soon as Smith joined the company he combined these two groups. Now the company has one sales staff that represents both product lines. According to him it was a big problem initially but now he has converted them into opportunity.

One will find a Bear Museum in 8,000 Square foot problem on the upper par part of Bear Archery plant. Visitors to the company can walk through exhibits that cover the history of Bear Archery as well as the development of commercial archery in the country.

Frank Scott, Bear's old friend and employee for last 47 years, is the force behind this Museum. He keeps the exhibits live. Very recently, he installed a new audio message system with 24 pre-recorded stations. These messages play millions of times before they wear out. The subjects of these messages are about one-third Fred Bear, one-third Bear Archery, and one-third animal information."

High-Tech Archery Techniques

Scott is not the only member of the Bear team keeping up with the latest innovations. Today, the emphasis at Bear is on technology and engineering.

In each January, after the SHOT Show, Bear Archery team makes a serious commitment to plans for the next two years. Smith keeps those plans under close secrecy, but he had commented that the "one-cam" system -- unveiled by Bear Archery that past year -- had industry-wide implications.

Smith said the entire archery industry faces a challenge with involving youth in the sport. If archery is going to continue to grow, manufacturers must begin to tap that market.

Smith is also watches the trend toward crossbows very closely

"I think they're here to stay," he said. "In the next three to five years, I think more states will recognize them as something you can hunt with."

Now Bear Archery has in its line a crossbow that Tom Jennings has designed, the one that Smith feels is the best in the industry. Smith aims to be the best in the industry.

In 2007 Bear Archery and Team Primos had come together for the first time to create a bow that was sure to turn heads. The new Truth had a new design which featured a parallel limb design with split limbs, an axle-axle length of 33"; a brace height of 7", 8 factory installed vibration dampeners, elliptical perimeter weighted single cam system and shot a whopping 314 fps. This bow is totally incomparable in the market, leaving the rest behind in the dust when it came to price. This compound bow would reach to the user at a retail price of $550.00.

The prevailing compound bows of the Bear Archery are categorized into The Truth2, Done Deal, Game Over, Lights Out, and Show Down. Odyssey II and Pioneer II.

Today the website of Bear Archery depicts,

"We have a saying at Bear® Archery: It's not about the hype or high cost - it's about the hunt. This defines the essence of our company, which grew out of the life and work of legendary sportsman Fred Bear.

Fred started Bear Archery during the Great Depression. The company flourished with his passion for bow hunting and bow craftsmanship. Over the years, the Bear name gained legendary status as a mark of quality, continually furthered by Fred's dedication to advances in design and workmanship".

By: Stacy Carolin

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