Bear Archery – Premier For Kids Bows

Bear Archery is one of the pioneer companies in the field of bowhunting and archery. They have a wide range of products for different styles and levels of shooting.

Bear Archery offers several models of compound bows, which are very popular among bowhunters. These include the models The Truth 2, Game Over, Done Deal, Showdown, Lights Out and Young Gun. They will be coming out with a new model, known as Ultra Light, by 2009. Their compound bows range from approximately $300 up to $700.

Many hunters appreciate the light weight of Bear Archery's compound bows. Their compound bows have a let-off of 70% to 80%. This translates to reduced weight when the bow is held at full draw. Another good thing about Bear Archery's compound bows is that the bows are quiet. This allows you to catch more game, as your prey will not hear you shooting at it. Another good thing about Bear Archery compound bows is that they are fast. The Truth 2 is one of their best bows, which can produce a speed of up to 318 fps.

Bear Archery also offers traditional bows for those bowhunters looking for recurve bows and longbows. These include the models Takedown Supreme, Super Kodiak Supreme,, Cheyenne, Kodiak Magnum, Patriot, Montana Longbow, Super Kodiak, Supermag 48, Grizzly and Kodiak Club. In their Elite series, they have bows made from fiberglass with professional grips and FastFlight bowstring. Some of their traditional bows have crowned arrow shelf, some have side plates made out of leather, while others have grips also made out of leather. These all translate to better hunting performance for you. These traditional bows are hand-crafted, and cost anywhere from $200 up to $1400.

Bear Archery is also known for being one of the most popular brands for beginners. It is the top brand for institutional and youth archery. They offer several bow sets, including Brave 2, Warrior 2, Scout, 1st Shot, Wizard, Crusader and Titan, to name a few. These bow sets include a bow, arrows, a quiver, an arrow rest, an armguard, a finger tab and a sight with a single pin. These bow sets are specifically designed to suit the needs of children of different ages and helping them develop their archery skills in the best way.

Aside from their bows and bow sets, Bear Archery has expanded their supplies. They now also offer accessories and gears, such as caps and t-shirts sporting the bear logo. These accessories are available in different sizes and colors, and in a variety of unique designs. They also have books and even a 2009 calendar.

Bear Archery's diverse assortment of products makes it the perfect brand for many bowhunters all over the world, both those who are just starting out and those who are already experts in the field. Whether you're looking for the traditional recurve bows and longbows, or for the more modern compound bows, or for bow sets made especially for beginners, Bear Archery has just the perfect thing for you!

By: Benjamin Bradley

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