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Anyone who is in the market for archery release aids knows that there are many varieties and brand names to choose from. You will need to find the best release your particular needs- Hunting, 3D, competition, etc. If you want to find out more about this quality bowhunting equipment then keep reading.

Carter Releases Back Strap Release

First up is the Carter Releases Back Strap Release. This high quality piece of bowhunting equipment is made to be shot from pulling, not punching. This is made possible by the resistance activated release which helps with target panic and buck fever. The Carter Back Strap provides less torque for wrist strap shooters than a hand held release. This release also comes with the I.T.S., or an interchangeable spring system that allows you a full range of pulling weights.

The Carter Back Strap makes the trigger act as a safety and not a firing pin. During the draw cycle of the bow, the safety gets depressed and then releases at full draw. This is another great example of quality bowhunting equipment. When you are in the valley, ease your index finger away from the safety and start to build pressure up on the backside of the cam until the release lets it go. This seems to be a good way to help struggling archers try to learn the push and pull concept. Another quality piece of bowhunting equipment Carter Releases is the Sensation Release. Has an open hook design which is great for quiet loading to string and cocking. This model also has a thumb trigger release and the I.T.S. interchangeable tension system.

Cobra Archery

Another high quality manufacturer of bowhunting equipment is Cobra Archery. The make the Mamba Fang Release. It features a hand polished, stainless steel jaw that does away with serving wear. Also has an adjustable trigger travel, smaller design and a forward mounted trigger which will increase power stroke. Next is the Cobra Archery EZ Adjust Pro Caliper Jr. This model is perfect for women and younger hunters. It has an adjustable, reduced length module with a loop strap. This also has a gun styled curved trigger and a shorter extension module for smaller hands. And a 360-degree rotating release head to reduce bowstring torque. Another great piece of bowhunting equipment.

Copper John

Now, a release from Copper John called the Stanislawski Eagle Four Finger Smooth Handel. It has great back tension; setting anchor point is easy, trigger control and comes with a wrist strap that is de-scentable. It is made from aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel. Unlike with this triggering mechanism, an index finger one would allow you to lose you reference point because you have to move your finger in order to shoot. This release was another good example of top-notch bowhunting equipment.

Hopefully, these reviews helped you to make an informed decision about releases and what you need for your particular situation. Of course, the releases that were featured here were just the tip of the iceberg as fat as all of the models and brand names available. If you want to look further into releases, check out for all of your release needs and bow hunting needs.

By: Jen Walterscheit

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