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Stabilizers are used to eliminate vibrations and increase your accuracy when using your bow. Stabilizers are placed strategically so that they will deaden hand shock and vibrations that may have a negative effect on the outcome of your shots. This is a great example of high quality bowhunting supplies.

Super Stix stabilizer

The first product from Specialty Archery we will look at is the Super Stix stabilizer. It is a great example of quality bowhunting supplies. This stabilizer system will help with balance and performance when used with your bow. These Super Stix are made out of a tough carbon material, they have a weight holder and a Navcon slider rod separater. This all adds up to a rugged and efficient way to make stabilizers.

Ultra Lite Super Stix

Another great bowhunting supplies product form Specialty Archery is the Ultra Lite Super Stix. These Stix are perfect for someone who wants to add quality performance to their bow without adding too much weight. This stabilizer utilizes three rods to hold the NAVCOM components. These components are adjustable, by either position or weight, letting you almost eliminate all vibrations and to achieve perfect balancing. The Super Stix stabilizers are also very aerodynamic, helping you to not loose your aim when the wind is blowing. Let's go ahead and look at some bowhunting supplies from Carolina Archery Products.

Deluxe LORE stabilizer

The first stabilizer from Carolina Archery Products we will look at is the Deluxe LORE stabilizer. This is great bowhunting suppliesitem from Carolina Archery Products. Their LORE stabilizer has the great benefit of a built-in articulated base, doing away with purchasing a separate item called a clumsy knuckle. This stabilizer also features a matching wrist sling and a knurled grip so that you will have no need to use other tools for installation. And as if that were not enough, the company developed their Press Pin Technology. The technology is used to install linear springs while actually bonding them to the base at an atomic level. This resulted in vibration dampening that is unparalleled in today's market. A great high-tech example of bowhunting supplies from CAP.

Armored Hunter Lite

The first product from Doinker we will look at is called the Armored Hunter Lite. This new version is a lot better than the previous generations. It is definitely lighter and has now been designed to incorporate ITP, which is a thermo-elastometric compound. This was done in order to be a much better performing shockwave and noise deadener. Doinker Stabilizers are known to be the world best bowhunting supplies maker.

Stabilizers are great for any hunter who is looking to decrease vibrations and hand shock that will end up throwing off your shot. If you need stabilizers or more information about them, go to This company has many more stabilizer varieties and brands than were talked about here. Not to mention that they have so may other varieties of hunting supplies and equipment.

By: Jennifer Walterscheit

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