Cross Bow: A Fatal Weapon For Hunting

A crossbow has been one of the most redoubtable weapons, which was been used till the Middle Ages. It has been one of the major weapons in Song times.

Crossbows have been upgraded with the capacity to trigger many shots at a time with a single arch. In the ancient times they had to use many arches at a time but still they were powerful enough in piercing the shield. Due to the force of this weapon it became one of the most important jargons to defeat the foe.

Due to the crossbows the Chinese were successful in defeating their foes and making themselves counted as one of the most powerful nations. The weapon was so useful that it helped them in conquering and proving that they were from one of the most dominant nations.

A crossbow does not require any physical strain or no specialized training is required for that.

While using a traditional bow, an archer has to draw, aim and shoot in quick succession. Longer it takes for an archer the more fatigue it proves for his arm thus making his shot less accurate. To do this whole exercise in a short period requires a lot of practice. If the same archer uses a crossbow, he can draw the string (or cock), of the crossbow and can leave it up to the time he wants to.

An archer with a short structure will not be able to use a long bow. If he is weak he will not be able to pill the string of the powerful bow, too easily. Thus a person's size, structure and strength become a limitation in using a bow. But with a crossbow, even though his physique is not fit, to draw the string of a bow can use crossbow easily. A man-using crossbow can use levers or cranks as a supplement of his strength. This means that a crossbow man can use a more powerful weapon than a traditional archer with the same amount of strength.

In early days crossbows had some disadvantages. An archer could load, aim and shoot an arrow in 6 seconds, but a crossbow man required almost a minute to do the same exercise. Crossbow also had more moving parts than normal long bows. But the advantage of crossbow was that it gave an option to the army of having a range of weapons regardless of their skills in archery.

Modern crossbows

In today's world, crossbows are used for hunting, and sports fishers for shooting at targets, instead of using in military. It has become a preferred weapon in this hobby. It is now manufactured using different metals. Commonly two types of crossbows are manufactured and used by outdoor sportsman. The first of its kind is a compound crossbow. Compound crossbows use a cable and pulley system thus making crossbows more manageable. They also help in launching power and speed. Second of its type available in the market is a recursive crossbow. This kind of crossbow is highly recommended for profession crossbow users, as it requires proficiency to control and manage it. These crossbows release higher acoustic level as compared to compound crossbow. It comes with a bowstring silencer to dry out the noise it makes.

By: Johnson McBrady

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