Cure For Anxiety – Eliminate Health Related Factor With Exercise

Many would say that exercise is the wonder cure for anxiety. This is because exercise actually reverses all the symptoms that an anxiety attack causes. When you exercise, your body produces endorphins, which are also called the feel-good hormones. These are the compounds that give you an exceptional high and a feeling well-being that usually follows a good workout.

The high incidence of stress related diseases today is owed to the fact that we all live a sedentary life. There are appliances to help you clean your home; there are cars to take you to your work place and market; there are computers, cell phones, emails et al for communication and if you look at it, where is the scope to put in any physical work at all. Therefore, when the stress of your daily lives builds up and finds no reasonable outlet, it manifests itself into stress-related disorders, which include anxiety attacks and depression.

Unfortunately, when you mention exercise the image of a gym, aerobics, heavy workouts flash before your eyes. The image itself is so tiring that you immediately turn your mind away from it and postpone for another day. The “another day” never comes. You are often too scared that you would not be able to do it, so you end up never trying it out. Days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, months turn into years and before you know you are overweight, bowed by stress and harassed by anxiety attacks.

The solution is actually very simple: start exercising today; start at any level; start with whatever exercise you are comfortable. Start. The only must-do with exercises is that you should do it on a daily basis, with no exceptions other than when you are ill and physically incapable of doing it. If you are among those who simply hate the sight of a gym, or any exercising routine you could always just walk.

Use comfortable shoes, ensure that your walk is brisk and continue walking until you break into a mild sweat. You may start with just a 15-minute walk and gradually stretch it over 30 minutes or one hour – depending upon your convenience. You will find that your anxiety attacks are lesser and lesser with every day that passes plus you would feel more optimistic about your life.  This is just one example of what a simple exercise can do for you. There are more such as stretching exercises, yoga and cardio-vascular exercises among others.

By: GregFrost

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