Different Kinds of Archery Equipment

There is a number of different archery equipment that a person can get either in sports stores or over the Internet. Here are the different kinds of archery equipment that are essential whether you are a beginner or an avid professional.

Arrows and Arrowheads

Arrows are the standard symbol of the sport of archery. It is the most important archery equipment used alongside with the archer's bow. For many centuries, the arrow has always been made out of wood. Today, you can find various arrows made from different kinds of materials such as carbon fiberglass and aluminum. These vary in stiffness and weight which are greatly important depending on the kind of type of archery you would like to delve in. If you are a beginner in the sport, aluminum arrows are ideal since they tend to weigh less than wooden ones and are more durable. Arrows are usually sold in sets of eight pieces and prices usually start around sixty dollars.

Arrowheads differ in bluntness and thickness as well, depending again on the kind of archery you would like to use. Beginners and youth archery equipment would often have arrowheads that have blunt tips for safety reasons. Those who are involved in field and hunting archery would often select sharper tips and specially-designed for the particular game that they would be hunting.

Archer's Bow

There are a variety of different kinds of bows that are available today, depending on the weight and design. Some of these are:

- Traditional Bows. Think Robin Hood! This kind of bow is the most common design, which is the reason for its name. It is usually made from a variety of different materials such as wood, metal and even bamboo. But do not let the simplicity of this archery equipment fool you. Many avid archers still consider this to be the most challenging kind of bow to use in archery.

- Recurve Bows. Recurve bows are similar in design and functionality as traditional arrow bows. The difference is that recurve bows are smaller than traditional bows and are considered to be more powerful.

- Compound Bows. Compound bows designs are more recent as compared to the two designs. These use a wheel and pulley system that allows more power to be given when shooting.

Arrow and Bow Cases

Because there is a number of different archery equipment being used at a given time, it is important to have a means to make carrying these easier and convenient. One way to do this is to have an arrow and bow case where you can properly and safely store your archery equipment. Arrow cases can hold up to 36 arrows at any given time while bow cases are dependent on the kind of bow that you are using.

Other Accessories

Archery specialty stores, sports equipment stores and sports over the Internet also offer a number of different accessories to help you in your aim to ensure that you accurately hit your target. There are also a number of protective gears that are used for all types of archery sports.

By: Jennifer Walterscheit

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