Erawan Shrine – The Sacred Abode of Phra Phrom

Erawan Shrine also known as Thao Maha Brahma is located at the intersection of Ratchaprasong – a region famous for its shopping hotspots – nestled at Pathum Wan District in Bangkok, Thailand.

Worshipped by Hindu devotees, this shrine houses an imposing golden color statue of Brahma (known as Phra Phrom in Thai), who is considered as the Creator of Hindus. The shrine is surrounded in offerings of vibrant flowers and flower garlands of diverse colors, partly covered in a mist from the burning incense and candles that fills the air with pleasant fragrances.

History of Erawan Shrine dates back to the construction time of Erawan Hotel. The foundation of the hotel was laid on a wrong day, and many unfortunate incidents occurred one after another in a row. An astrologer instructed the authorities to build a shrine dedicated for Brahma to root out the possible bad karma incurred from the mistake.

Hence Erawan Shrine was built in 1956 and the hotel’s construction work was carried out without an issue thereafter. The statue of Brahma is an exclusive creation by the Department of Fine Arts, completed on 9th November 1956.

Currently a new statue is enshrined in the premises, completed in May 2006, made in plaster and a compound of precious metals including gold and bronze. A replica of this statue, made solely in metal, is now preserved at the National Museum. The statue of Phra Phrom at Erawan Shrine consists of four heads facing four directions, enshrined within a four-pillared canopy decorated in exquisite psychedelic motifs and dazzling gold hues.

At the premises, you can even capture the striking performances of native dancers, clad in ornamental headdresses and costumes. The Erawan Shrine is thronged by Hindu devotees who come to pay their homage, from morning till night. It’s even common to see the passersby bowing their heads as a mark of respect when traveling past this sacred site.

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By: Pushpitha Wijesinghe

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