History of Archery and War

History of Archery and War:

When we think about how old Archery is, We may think hundreds of years. But the real truth is 25,000 to 50,000 years. Archery has played a major role in almost all civilizations, From Asia to Europe, Africa to the America's. In past times, To modern times and beyond. Hunting to play, Archery is here to stay in some fa sit for century's to come as well.

The historical aspects of Archery are a great rainy day lesson to the true value of the sport. It cannot be denied the fact that the Bow and Arrow were one of mans first attempts at invention. It certainly has played it's role through the ages. In well preserved cave drawings of Archers found in Spain, to the development of Archery as one of Americas highly regarded praised sports. The bow has been found to exist in every country in the world except Australia. That is saying a lot about our development as human beings indeed.

The history and fascination of Archery is able to stand the tests of time. The Turkish peoples knew great efficiency's in war against the Crusaders, We also know of the effectiveness of the English Yeomen in the Hundred Years War battles of Crecy, Poitiers, and Agincourt. However sadly, The introduction of firearms led to the demise of the beloved bow and arrow as a strong weapon of war, So it had faded into vogue as a recreational sport. It has continual uses through phases to present modern day Archery as we know it.

Looking into the history of Archery in the United States, We see that it begins with the American Indians. The American Indian was and is the true Archer of this continent, The Indians had to use there bow daily in search of his food and in times of warfare as his chief weapon. We can see that there is a lot to be learned from the American Indians and our own culture in our quest to learn more. But as such, The prowess as the Indian as an Archer has been greatly exaggerated. While the Indian people as a whole are marvelous hunters, Therefore a practical Archer, But was not great at target shooting from a sport standpoint. The Indians stalking ability was great though, From a stalking standpoint, He could take his prey from a close distance with almost certain effect.

In 1828 the United Bowmen of America were the first American society of Archers in the United States. It was not until after the Civil War that Archery was popularized as a sport. This new found sport was popularized by two ex-confederate soldiers, Maurice and Will Thompson. They had moved to the Everglades in Florida and lived for years by the bow, By 1878, Maurice had written what has become a classic American Archery classic, “Witchery of Archery”. It had immediate impact all over the country. People began shooting throughout the country with the bow for sport. Not long after the National Archery Association was formed with Maurice Thompson as its first president. By the early part of the 1900's the sport had begun to fade back out of the limelight. Then a most intriguing event occurred, While 1911 found a naked, Starving Indian named Ishi who was discovered in California's wild desert. Ishi was a living example of a Stone Age man, He was the last of the Yanas. It was Saxton Pope who discovered the significance of this weird naked Indian. Together the Indian and Pope wrought the most complete and authoritative texts and materials on Archery traditions and techniques. As we've learned just here, Theres more to learn about this unique subject and sport and hunting extravaganza called Archery.

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