Is It Possible To Grow Taller?

often suffer from low self confidence. At only five foot six inches I should know. I've always pictured myself as short and would love to be taller. What compounds these feelings is the fact that each generation appears to be getting taller. If the trend continues it will be like living in the land of the giants in another ten years or so. Although I would desperately love to be even just a couple of inches taller, in recent years I've resigned myself to the fact that it just isn't going to happen, and at forty years of age I'm going to have to be happy with my height, in fact it's more likely that I will grow shorter with old age! Recently I discovered new hope. I came across a site that said it could make people taller by several inches in a few weeks. Until then I had no idea that there were any such techniques available to short guys other than surgery or scary hormone drugs! As soon as I started to read the claims on the web site, I knew I had to get a copy of the guide so that I could try the techniques for myself. As a forty year old guy I believed that I had stopped growing years ago. The guide confirmed that to be true. There are no miracle stimulants that can restart our growth. So how do you get taller? I like many others had been blissfully unaware of the fact that most people have spinal curvatures that are less than perfect, which is actually a very important fact for us short people. What it means is that by straightening our spines, the straightening effect actually can provide us with several inches in vertical height! As a simple example, imagine a bow and arrow. If you straighten the bow it's vertical height would be longer. The techniques used by "grow taller experts" concentrate on improving your curvature permanently to make you taller. Depending on your personal curvature, you should gain between one and four inches over a few weeks. Have the techniques worked for me? Well initially I started out very committed to the program, and according to the tape measure I gained an inch in just over three weeks. But then my commitment weakened. I've just refocused and am starting the program again with a target of adding another couple of inches. I believe in the theory and have seen the results for myself, so I'd say to other short people that they should take a look and give them a go. A couple of inches may not sound a lot, but for us vertically challenged men, it can make a lot of difference to a mans confidence.

By: Richard Taylor

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