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Different Parts Of Genesis Bows

Genesis bows are unique as they provide numberless range of draw lengths, ranging from 15" to 30". Because of this resourcefulness that makes genesis bows to suit archers of any age and size. Different parts of genesis bows are mentioned below,

Assembly of Genesis bows

Solidly designed risers of genesis bows are manufactured from lightweight aluminum. They are sturdy. Its limbs are made of composite and high strength material drawn from reinforced fiber. Adding to this is the presence of a revolutionary single cam technology along with hi-fi bowstring to make these genesis bows more unique.

Genesis bow cam

Genesis bow has a single cam. It is a compound bow having a draw weight enhancing from 10-20 lbs. Capability of extension of draw length is from 15 inches to 30 inches. With zero percentage of let off these genesis bows ahs an axle length span of 36 inches. The brace height of these bows is approximately 7.5 inches and the length of the string spans to 94.5 inches. Length of power cable of genesis bow extends to 37 ¼ inches.

Riser of Genesis bow

Riser of genesis bow is manufactured out of 6061-T6 aluminum (which is considered to be one of the best in sturdiness) of solid weight. Specialty engineering of this material helps lend the genesis bows, perfect balance, optimum toughness and mini-light in weight.

Idler wheel of genesis bow

Idler wheel of genesis bows stays situated on the upper limb of the bow. Primarily, this wheel functions to transmit stored energy from limb to the string and henceforth to the arrow. This transfer of kinetic energy is in flawless passion and in no time. Maintenance of this wheel is negligible as the low friction of this finely designed wheel need lubrication to a very less extent, thus making it function at maximum level.

Limbs and its bolts

These parts of genesis bows are fixed either end of the bow's riser. Storage of potential energy till the string gets released is done by limbs. As soon as release occurs, this potential energy converts into mechanical energy thus propelling the arrow in direction, required. Bolts of the limbs join limbs with the riser. They also play a crucial role in adjusting draw weights. These bolts turn clockwise on genesis bows ensuring 20 lbs of maximum draw weights.

Solo cam of genesis bows

Genesis bows are designed with technology to have a single cam. These cams are elliptical in shape helps maintaining suitable poundage across the whole draw cycle.

Fine Grip of genesis bows

Genesis bows are provided with high quality molded grip designed using the latest technology to ensure best grip.

Arrow rest

They are located above the shelf of riser in the genesis bows. Manufactured from best quality these arrow rests provide tint of best shooting distinctiveness.

Bowstring of Genesis Bow

Bow string of genesis bows are made up of fine fiber manufactured from high technology to ensure optimum transfer of energy from string to arrow. They provide long lasting performance.

Now don't you think that genesis bows are best preferred in for family outings, schools, and clubs organizations? A Genesis bow are incredibly accurate, quiet shooting, produces very little recoil and is just plain fun to shoot.

By: Johnson McBrady

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