Setting Up

Before putting your compound bow together, carefully read the owner's manual. If you read some instructions that are not quite clear there should be a customer service # on the instructions that you can call to clarify any confusion.

Parts Inspection

Carefully remove your compound bow from the box and take off all the plastic wrapping and discard. Your owner's manual should have a packing list of all the parts that come with your bow. Match the parts on the list to what is in the shipping box. If you are missing any parts, or it is obvious a part is damaged, immediately call customer service.

Bow Inspection

Begin by inspecting your new compound bow carefully. Keep an eye out for any cracks or irregularities. Make sure the strings and cables have not come off the cam tracks and are fixed to the limbs. Check all the bolts and screws and be sure they are tight. Examine the rubber dampers, cam modules and inner cams.

Setting the Draw Weight

To set the draw weight you will need to turn the bolts on the limbs of your compound bow. To increase the weight turn the bolts clockwise. To decrease the draw weight turn the bolts counter-clockwise. Make sure you turn each bolt the same amount.

Set the Tiller

Your next step is to examine the tiller. The string-to-riser distance must be the same for both limbs. If the distance varies by approximately 1/8-inch or more adjust the bolts on the limbs in the opposite direction until the distance is corrected. If you have a One-Cam compound bow the tiller needs to be measured by tying string from axle to axle and measuring the tiller with that string.

Checking Cam Orientation

When the bow is not being drawn the orientation marks of the cam should be within a strings width of the mark if the string is set in the center or dotted post. Make sure your timing marks are even from bottom to top.

The Hybrid Cam System and the Draw Stop

Draw your compound bow full back so the split harness cable contacts the draw stop on the bottom cam. Make sure the control cable is contacting the flat part of the module on the top cam. If needed, turn the control cable and adjust the top cam so the string makes contact on the flat.

For a bow with a twin cam you check the timing by drawing the bow back, making sure both cams rollover at the same time. Twist or untwist the cables until this roll over occurs simultaneously. .

Arrow Rest

Follow the instructions in your owner's manual for installing the arrow rest. If you have the Posi-Lock feature, use this to mount the arrow rest to your compound bow. Set the center shot adjustment on the arrow rest so it is parallel to the alignment mark. Then using the nocking loop and rest adjustment set the arrow in place parallel to the alignment mark on the bow window. The arrow should pass in front of the mounting hole on the arrow rest.

Installing the Sight

Follow the instructions in your owner's manual for installing the sight. Secure your compound bow in a vise. Using a level set the bow. Check the sight to be sure it is level too.

Final Step

Finally install the stabilizer and sling according to your owner's manual. Check all bolts to be sure they are tight. You are now done preparing your compound bow. Have fun shooting!

By: Jen Walterscheit

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