The Alpine Archery Micro Compound Youth Bows Grow With the Child

One of the things about buying youth bows is that you can never be sure how long your child will be able to use it. The lack of adjusting modules can mean your child outgrows them and archery becomes a faded hobby. To continue your child's interest in archery invest in the Alpine Archery Micro Compound youth bows.

Many adjustment modules

Using the youth bows from the Alpine Archery Micro Compound collection your child can use many adjustment modules in it. These adjustment modules help the youth bows grow, as the child grows, thereby lending these long lasting durability and usability. You can adjust draw lengths on these youth bows anywhere from 28 to even 21 inches. However, as you decrease the draw length the draw weight is also decreased by 2.5 pounds per inch draw length. High quality of construction in these youth bows ensures a superior finish and high durability factor. The risers are made of machined aluminum and there are absolutely no plastic or any cheap metal parts on these bow sets. The limb pocket has a pivoting mechanism which also comes with an attached safety shelf too. The ABS grip panel comes with two pieces and ensures a superior grip and handling factor.


The Alpine Archery Micro Compound youth bows can be adjusted right from an adult size right down to a child size. It is this factor that makes these bows so versatile and worth the money. You can adjust the draw weight to as much as 40 or even 50 pounds if desired. The drawstring lengths can be varied from 21 right till 28 inches. By adjusting the drawstring the pull weight will reduce by 20 pounds. The composite limb of these youth bows is made of bi-flex material from Realtree of the film dipped variety. The special Green HD exterior finish from Hardwoods makes these youth bows look as great as the regular adult bows. The cable guard is made of high quality, durable mounted carbon which provides long lasting service. The let off can be at 65% while the unique mounting system on the limb has an Inter-Loc mechanism. This prevents any limb movement during the shooting sessions. The youth bows also come with a window of plane sighting that measures 5 inches in length. The axle length is at 34 inches and comes with an ABS grip panel with two pieces. The overall weight of these youth bows is at just 3 pounds and hence it is lightweight and ideal for children.

Growing with your kid

One of the great things about the Alpine Archery Micro Compound youth bows is that they can grow along with your child. The easy adjustment features help you adjust draw lengths easily making it easy to use for children of any age group. Plus, the excellent and high quality materials used in construction ensure that your youth bows will last many years to come. Overall, these are a fantastic way to initiate your child in archery with an el

By: Jenn Walterscheit

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