The Bear Truth 2

The Bear Truth 2 compound bow from Bear Archery is their top of the line performance bow.  Machined from 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum, for lightweight yet ultimate strength, this bow a light but very durable and a very nice shooting bow with very little recoil. The Truth is outfitted with beyond parallel limbs that reduce the overall shock and noise upon release.  Flare Quad Limb design, using FEA (finite element analysis); they have evenly distributed the stress on the limbs during draw and release of the bow. This even stress proves to result in a smoother release and a more even and efficient energy transfer to the arrow and maximizes the reduction of vibration and noise.

The powerful single cam proves it is an engine for speed when The TRUTH 2 reaches 318 fps. Yet, the cam's shape sets the stage for a smooth draw – including an asymmetric power track that reduces friction and increases cable life. Further, the cam quietly rotates during draw and release on a sealed, stainless steel ball bearing. Likewise, the idler wheel pivots on stainless steel sealed ball bearings. Smooth is built into every part of The Truth 2. And this cam has 1in. modular increments and 1/2in. post increments, including a large segment of the draw length range that does not require a bow press.

Machined Aluminum Pivoting Limb Cups are built with a side-locking tang on The TRUTH 2 to create a rigid, "zero tolerance" fit – increasing sturdiness and consistency while reducing vibration. Pivoting limb cups maintain a tight limb-to-cup-to-riser fit, regardless of draw weight adjustment. And rubber isolation boots mean that the limb never touches the limb cup (avoiding any direct transference of vibration from limb to riser).

 The Bear Truth 2 features a 7” brace height, an axle to axle length of 33”, 80% let off and a mass weight of 3.9 pounds. Also including a one piece synthetic grip, and available in finishes including Realtree AP, black, cobalt blue, and fire tiger, the Bear Truth 2 is one great bow.

By: Archery Country

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