The Diamond Razor’s Edge

If you are looking for an outstanding youth bow that won’t break the bank, look no further than the Diamond Razor’s Edge bow from Bowtech.  This bow features a dual cam, rotating mod system for a maximized draw length range of a full eleven inches. This results in a bow that will grow as your child does and you will not have to buy another bow until they are full grown. No bow press is needed to easily adjust the draw length on this very accommodating bow.

With two peak draw weight versions available and the ability to back down 50%, the Razor Edge can cover a range from 15 to 60 pounds. Such flexibility makes the Razor Edge the only bow that can accommodate an archer from first-time shooter to successful big game hunter. This bow can easily be used to take down plenty of quarry, including many of the big game animals through out the US.

The Diamond Razor’s Edge features a 7 inch brace height which results in a very forgiving bow.  It also has an axle to axle length of 31” and an IBO speed of 308 feet per second at a 29” draw length.

The Diamond Razor’s Edge is also available with the Boondocks Accessory package which includes a 4 arrow quiver, 3 pin fiber optic sight, Hostage Capture arrow rest, peep sight, and wrist sling for around $400. Archery Country will set up this bow, tune it in and rough site it in to 20 yards. This is a very affordable, quality youth compound bow package.

By: Archery Country

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