Turkey Hunting – Hunt The Next One Down!

Using a bow and arrow is the most common way of hunting turkeys. Turkey hunting is traditionally done by the method of turkey calling and hitting the right target. There are a number of institutions and organizations that both support and protest against the traditional sport of turkey hunting. Neither has taken over the other or convinced the other of their superiority. At any rate, it is best you know what exactly turkey hunting is before making any decision about which school of thought you support. Here are some interesting facts about turkey hunting that any newcomer should know.

In turkey hunting, the bird is lured into the open and plugged with a shotgun shell or a bow and an arrow. The bow and arrow adds tradition to the process and hence is preferred by many. Finding a turkey roost is the first thing to do while turkey hunting. In North America, roosts are in controlled environments and so are usually easy to find. As wild turkeys gather in groups, they too are easy to find. One should not go too close to the turkey roost. A hundred or two hundred yard distance must be kept from the roost so that there is enough room to get set and fire when the turkey runs.

The next step in turkey hunting is getting them out of their roost. The hunter must indulge in a series of different turkey calls, an array of clicks, clucks, hoots and whistles. But one must not confuse the call of another bird, such as an owl, with the turkey call or else the hunter will be attacked by other birds and that could prove to be quite inconvenient. While turkey calling, start with different yelps and clucks. If no yelp or cluck is returned form the turkey, increase your volume and sound more aggressive. When the turkey hears the aggression, it will think that the approaching turkey is challenging it. Sooner or later, a turkey will come out to see what is happening.

As soon as the turkey comes out, hold your bow and arrow or shotgun in position. Continue calling to the turkey to draw it closer to your range. Use softer clucks and purrs if the turkey is not approaching. Be careful about other birds and animals that might be attracted by your noises. Your clucks and purrs should entice the turkey to come out into the open and nearer to you. Sometimes turkeys can display immense intelligence while at other times they can be unbelievably stupid. They cannot tell much difference between a human call and a turkey call.

Nevertheless, take your shot when the turkey is at close range. You should know when to stop purring and take your shot. The sound will probably scare the other turkeys away. All the birds will run in all directions so it is important that you mark your target before you start shooting. Do not get tempted to kill other turkeys as this will result in a never-ending chase of running turkeys and you might end up with one too many for your freezer.

The turkey that is hunted usually ends up on a Christmas or thanksgiving table. There are a number of countries and states that prohibit wild turkey hunting. If you intend on hunting a turkey, be sure to check on the local regulations regarding hunting. It will not be very pleasant if you go turkey hunting just to find out that it is not permitted and you will have to pay for the consequences.

By: Abhishek Agarwal

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