Youth Bows – The Various Parts of Genesis Bows

The myriad range of draw lengths in the genesis bows make them truly unique. They can accommodate lengths ranging from 15 inches right till 30 inches. It is this versatility that makes these genesis bows suitable for shooting by any person no matter the size or age. Here is a rundown of the various parts of these bows.


The genesis bows have risers which are made from machined aluminum of a lightweight yet solid design. The limbs are made of composite, high strength material which has been fiber reinforced. The presence of a single cam along with high-end bowstring and a molded grip design makes these bows unique.

Genesis cam:

The genesis bows have a single cam. This is a compound bow that has a draw weight which extends from 10 to even 20 pounds. The draw lengths can extend from 15 inches to as much as 30 inches. There is zero percentage of let off and the axle length spans 36 inches. The brace height of these genesis bows is around 7.5 inches while the string length spans 94.5 inches. The length of the power cable extends to 37 and a quarter inch.

The riser:

The riser on genesis bows is manufactured out of 6061-T6 aluminum of solid weightage. The special engineering of this material helps lend the genesis bows perfect balance along with high durability and light in weight.

Idler wheel:

This portion of the genesis bows is situated over the upper limb on the bow. The primary functionality of the wheel is to transmit the stored energy from limbs into the string to the arrow. This transfer of energy happens in a smooth fashion and quickly. The low friction bearings on the wheel do not need much lubrication and hence function optimally.

Limb bolts and limbs:

These parts of the genesis bows are attached to either end of the bow's riser. These store potential energy until the string gets released. Once release happens, the potential energy converts into mechanical energy and propels the arrow in the proper direction. The bolts of the limbs help join the riser with the limbs. These also play a critical role in adjustment of draw weights. Clockwise turns of the bolts on the genesis bows ensure 20 pounds maximum draw weights.

Solo cam:

The genesis bows come with a single cam design and technology. These cams are elliptical shaped and help maintain appropriate poundage across the whole draw cycle.


These are high quality molded grips on the genesis bows which are ergonomically designed to ensure the best fit.

Arrow rest:

The arrow rests on the genesis bows are located above shelf of riser. These are high quality and provide the best shooting characteristics. The shape of the rest is like a flipper and is of very high grade quality.


These parts of the genesis bows are also made of very high quality materials to ensure a long lasting performance. These also help maximum transfer of energy from the string onto the arrow.

By: Jennifer Walterscheit

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