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Patented Spin-Tite Airfoil design spin stabilizes your arrow, giving a truer, more accurate flight and more energy when the broadhead gets to the target. This design allows the Talon XT to fly like a mechanical and deliver the knockdown power of a fixed-blade. Features a case-hardened tip and ferrule. The Talon XT sports Offset Kore-Kut? bleeder blades that help blast a Spiral Wound Channel that will not close or clot, giving you an obvious blood trail and quicker kill. 1-1/4" cutting diameter. 3 pack. Features: Spin-Tite Airfoil design for more accurate, truer trajectory and more energy at contact Offset Kore-Kut bleeder blades Spiral Wound Channel design for wound that will not close or clot Case-hardened tip and ferrule 1-1/4'' cutting diameter