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The Cuda's patented Spin-Tite Airfoil Technology? puts 8 airfoil surfaces to spin-stabilize from the front. This spin gives you a faster and flatter flight, then drives the Cuda's Spiral-Kut tip into your game on contact for more damage and quicker, more humane kills. Spiral Wound Channel? design creates larger holes that can't close, causing rapid bleeding for a better blood trail and quicker kill. Retractable stainless steel blades open instantly on contact for a generous 1-3/4'' cutting diameter. Low drag Slim-Tech ferrule. 100 grain; 3 pack. Features: Spin-Tite Airfoil Technology for stabilized, faster, flatter arrow flight Spiral-Kut tip continues spin on contact cutting into game for more damage Generous 1-3/4'' cutting diameter Spiral Wound Channel design for larger holes - better blood trails and quicker kills