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Introducing one EXTREME Single-Cam bow! Incredibly smooth, quiet, and blazing fast! A superb single-cam bow for the advanced hunter who demands the ultimate in whisper-quiet, vibration-free, high-speed performance. Built to deliver consistent accuracy and forgiveness; the 80% let-off Extreme One-Cam features top-quality, fully sealed ball bearings that ensure a silky-smooth draw with perfectly level nock travel on every shot. Extremely easy to tune. Brace height: 7-5/8''; axle-to-axle length: 32-1/4''. IBO speed: 305+ fps. Weight: 3.9 lbs. 28"-30" Draw Length. Color: Realtree Hardwoods Green? HD?. Advanced Machined-Aluminum Riser Machined-aluminum: built to space-age tolerances. Lightweight, no flex, long and rigid -- the perfect foundation for a serious hunting bow! Power-Tuff Parallel Limbs Rugged Power-Tuff material for the utmost strength and accuracy; durable, and precisely machined to provide the quietest, most vibration-free shot possible. Limb Pockets Solid, open, and precisely angled, with no ''echo chambers.'' Synthetic rockers help dampen noise and vibration. Extreme One-Cam Consistency, accuracy, speed, and level nock travel, all in one. Sealed ball bearings for ultra-smooth draw; easy adjustments. Full Camo Idler Wheel Engineered not just for smoothness, but for ultimate stealth and concealment. Low-Profile Walnut Grip - Right-hand models only Total comfort -- a solid, comfortable, rock-steady feel in your hand! Blends in nicely with camo. Note: Left-hand models currently come with a synprene grip, but the walnut grip will be sent at customer's request free of charge by calling 1-800-707-8149. Noise and Vibration Reduction Equipped with Sims Limb Savers? and String Leeches?; pre-installed for perfect operation. Premier ''Dakota'' String/Cable Pre-stretched, pre-twisted, served under extreme tension to prevent peep rotation.