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The secret is finally out on this advanced bow for hunters who demand high-end, high-performance archery gear! Our most versatile bow boasts lightning-fast speed and extreme maneuverability. Together, the 4" single cam system and 7-1/4" brace height provide a silky-smooth draw and a forgiving shot. The slim 2-piece grip, machined shelf, and thumb groove effectively narrow the distance between hand and arrow, for reduced vertical torque, additional stability, and increased accuracy. Easy to tune and adjust for a precise fit. Axle-to-axle length: 33-1/4". Brace height: 7-1/4". IBO speed: 312?315 fps. Weight: 3.15 lbs. Color: Realtree Hardwoods Green? HD?. Kryptik Bow features: ?Beyond parallel? limbs offer 100% vertical travel, for a smooth pull and incredible stability at full draw! Riser: 6061 T6 machined aluminum with ISO grid cutouts for extreme rigidity with maximum stability and accuracy. Stabilizer inserts at both front and rear of riser allow easy mounting of accessories. Single Cam System: Adjustable draw stop designed to let you fine-tune your draw length. Select any let-off from 65?80% (preset at 80% let-off). Limb Design: Vertical Force Technology: any power not directly converted to arrow speed is dispersed away from the riser, equally in opposite directions, virtually eliminating hand shock and recoil. The Kryptik limb design includes a split limb which distributes stress evenly and provides less mass, attributing to the low level of noise. Pivoting Limb Pockets: in conjunction with Vertical Force Technology, designed to achieve consistent efficiency when reducing the bow?s peak draw weight. Strings, Silencers, and Cable Rod Dampener: Pre-stretched at 425 lbs. of tension, strings are served under 400 lbs. and manufactured using 452X material for ultimate arrow speed and stability. Equipped with an advanced noise/oscillation/vibration arresting system. Accessory Combo 1: RedHead XPS 4-pin sight Treelimb 5-arrow 1-piece quiver Hostage arrow rest S-coil stabilizer Braided bow sling Accessory Combo 2: RedHead XPS 5-pin sight RedHead 6-arrow 2-piece quiver Hostage Pro arrow rest S-coil stabilizer Braided bow sling