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The Bear Archery Showdown RTS (Ready to Shoot) package gives you a quality bow with the accessories you need installed so you can start shooting quickly. An economical bow that delivers the performance and feel of bows that cost much more, the Showdown's performance starts with Bear's patented compression molded parallel quad limbs. This limb design delivers durability, smooth energy release, and equal stress distribution to quietly and efficiently deliver superior energy to the arrow, where it belongs. The Showdown's field-proven Single Cam Shooting System provides arrow speeds up to 290 fps with 80% let off. Designed for a smooth, quiet draw and powerful release, the cam allows 1'' draw length adjustments from 25'' to 31'' and 1/2'' post adjustments. Noise and vibration are reduced by the bow's "zero tolerance" aluminum pivoting limb cups that prevent the limb cup and limb from ever touching and transferring vibration directly. The bow's synthetic grip reduces vibration and provides the warmest grip available in cold weather. Brace height: 8.75''. Minimized reflex 6061-T6 aircraft grade machined aluminum riser. Realtree APG HD finish. Axle-to-axle length: 31.75''. Bow weight: 3.8 lbs. Showdown RTS package includes Whisker Biscuit Original QS arrow rest, stabilizer with wrist strap, Wheel Peep, Trophy Ridge Six-Shooter Quiver, Trophy Ridge Hawk Eye 3-Pin Sight, and nock loop. Features: RTS package includes Showdown compound bow, arrow rest, stabilizer with wrist strap, peep, quiver, three-pin sight, and nock loop Compression molded Flare Quad limbs - Durable and smooth performance Single Cam shooting system - smooth and quiet high performance system Two-piece synthetic grip - warmest feel in cold weather Minimum reflex machined aluminum riser - Lightweight strength Aluminum pivoting limb cups - No direct vibration from limbs to riser 286-290 fps 80% let off